C propertygrid not updating

13-Jun-2020 22:53

This way, if I read this post myself a few times, maybe I’ll remember this shit.

Let’s say you have an table, which was recently added.

I've downloaded the code and it seems to work quite well.

If it doesn't solve your problem, please let me know and I'll dig a bit deeper.

I'd started writing my own version of the code given at Code Project and after hitting a snag I did some googling and came up with the Code Project link.

It looks like they've done a lot better than I was.

As an exercise, I thought I would create an instance of a class, with properties for the colours, and assign it to a property grid .

So, I added a "reset" button to my form, which set the colour properties of my object back to the defaults.

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The propertygrid has a property Browsable Attributes that takes an Attribute list but only works negatively and cannot do or - only and.This is a simple extension method I wrote that copies such a collection to an array, and returns the array.