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13-Feb-2020 16:29

But it is instructive in showing how “science” is often used to prove cultural assumptions.

From General Conference talks lately, it seems that pornography is a terrible problem for men in the church.

Even if adult Mormon women do not realize that they are suppressing sexual thoughts constantly, even if they do not consciously believe that sex is wrong, the subtle message we send in every church meeting is that women are “angels” and that every bishop or other church leader has his wife to thank for inspiring his greater spirituality.

Because, of course, men are basely physical and women are made of less earthly stuff. Whenever I have challenged men who argue that Mormon women are obliged to make extra efforts at modesty because they as men are more “naturally” sexual and are “wired” to respond to visual images of the female body (see here or here), I think of how men and women were seen two hundred years ago as diametrically opposed—but in a completely different way than now.

Thus, for Darwin, women were only interested in sex, and only men were capable of rising above the physical and becoming scientists, physicians, inventors, and so on.

Of course, it is obvious now that this was merely an attempt to excuse the suppression of women in society.

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