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An exhibit at Lundgren Monuments in 2010 was called "the first time in history that a group of architects have focused their talents on the cremation urn as an architectural object".An urn/artwork called The Final Turn, which he collaborated with architect Tom Kundig in designing, was noted in Robb Report and The New York Times, and is shown in Cooper-Hewitt's National Design Awards gallery.His funeral monument business, Lundgren Monuments, opened in 2004, Lundgren Monuments specializes in large-scale cast glass monuments with the intent of bringing more color, light and diversity into the cemetery landscape.They also design and build modern urns and host group exhibitions focused on contemporary design and alternatives to traditional death care.It is thought that the city will seek to increase this crime to a gross misdemeanor level at some point, which would result in a 364 day maximum jail sentence along with a 00 maximum fine.In addition to fines and jail, those convicted of this crime have to pay various other financial penalties such as costs and assessments, which typically add many thousand dollars to the cost of a conviction.Lundgren, along with mortician and author Caitlin Doughty, TED speaker Jae Rhim Lee, alternative funeral home director Jeff Jorgenson, and other death professionals, founded The Order of the Good Death, promoting alternative death care and putting Seattle in the forefront of this new endeavor.Lundgren's feature length one-take film CHAT, starring Rosalie Edholm as a camgirl sex worker, was screened at the Northwest Film Forum in July, 2014, and again in September for Seattle's Local Sightings Film Festival.

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Candidate will possess personal knowledge and skills to perform preventative maintenance on UPS Package Delivery Vehicles.These are some of the new favorite crimes to seek arrests and prosecutions on.Police and prosecutors are competing for, and receiving, grants of federal, state and private money, which they are using to pursue these cases.Currently, the Seattle Municipal Code punishes this crime as a simple misdemeanor.

This means that the maximum sentence that a court could impose is 90 days in jail, along with a 00 fine.

Homeland Security and the FBI is even cooperating with state and local law enforcement, to entrap those on the web who are soliciting minors.

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