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31-Mar-2020 04:46

As soon as I saw the article on the man-man-man marriage, published in Britain’s , I immediately went to the readers’ comments (i.e., popular perception) to confirm my worst expectations of modern humanity.

Yes, it would be wonderful to go to the comments and find serious mea culpas, “Wow, the conservatives are right!

Those of us opposing same-sex “marriage” for reasons like this were told by gay-marriage advocates that we were nuts.

Our claims that the redefining of marriage would lead to polygamous marriage and other arrangements were ridiculed.

If you suggest that a certain impossible position might become progressives’ position in, say, the year 2035, they will laugh, insisting they could never hold such an intolerable stance.

Alas, when they arrive at that position in 2035, they will tell you that you are the crazy one; more than that, you are the vile extremist for disagreeing with their newfound, enlightened position.

But it’s especially revealing of something else I’ve warned about for a while.Our support of gay marriage is leading to this craziness! ” or “I hate to admit it, but opponents of SSM were right all along.

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