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Keep this password somewhere safe and handy you may have to use it quite a few times.

Once you have set the password for the Restrictions, you can go through all the restriction settings and set them appropriately for your child.

Predictably there will be a huge amount of Apple mobile devices given as gifts to kids of all ages in a few weeks time for Christmas.

It’s quite likely that kids as young as 4 years old will be given i Pad Minis or i Pods.

If you want to track your child but they don’t want you to know where they are, they could, for instance, change the settings on “Find My Friends” so you can’t find them.

Set these to “Don’t Allow Changes” if you don’t with them tampered with.

As the kids get older you can decide if they can set up their own i Tunes accounts.But even with Teens its best to use i Tunes gift cards for App and Music purchases, so that you won’t get any “Bill Shock” if they go overboard with purchases on your credit card.