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Store managers typically earn annual salary options of about ,000 to ,000 and receive year-end bonuses for meeting specific goals handed down by district management.Additional duties for store managers involve analyzing sales and profits, hiring suitable employees, and maintaining enjoyable work environments for both employees and customers.Choosing any route to contact hiring managers requires individuals to remain aware of peak business hours.Candidates wishing to check the status of applications in person should dress in respectable attire and display confidence and personable characters.Although minimal requirements exist for retail work within The Salvation Army, employees must stand at least 16 years of age to gain employment consideration.

The vast network of helping hands requires a workforce to facilitate the operations of the organization.The Salvation Army offers job opportunities for both career-minded individuals and entry-level job hopefuls. K., the charitable company provides jobs and services for many diverse groups of people in over 120 countries.Minimum Age to Work at The Salvation Army: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at The Salvation Army?– Running a store offers sound opportunity for growth within and outside the company.

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Managers acquire vital supervisory skills applicable to almost any general manger position.A majority of open retail positions consist of the sales associate role.