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12-May-2020 21:31

And now, to celebrate their friendship and the lasting impression they have left on their fans, we've rounded up every single reason why, even though Hangrid is no more, their influence and impact will never burn out.They were one of the most visible lesbian couples on You Tube.That's a degree of representation you'll never get in any other medium.Both separately and together, they were a highly professional working couple.It was literally like watching our own dreams come true, and whilst we may have woken up from the dream now, back in September 2015 Hannah and Ingrid could not have looked any happier or felt anymore comfortable with each other.Hangrid's split was mutually respected by both parties, and a sign of maturity we all need to follow.Jonas and Eva starts seeing each other while Jonas was dating Eva's best friend, Ingrid.After Ingrid found out, her and Eva were no longer friends. Eva hadn't told her mum about Jonas, afraid of how she would think of dating Ingrid's ex until the end of season 1.

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Even when they were in the throws of their relationship, business never stopped to make way for love.

Jonas and Eva's relationship came to a rocky journey when Eva had thought Jonas had been texting Ingrid again, and when she confronted Ingrid about it at the Halloween party, Ingrid had said that she's been with Jonas.

Angered by this, Eva kissed Chris at the party, cheating on Jonas.

We obviously cannot deny that other LGBT couples exist on You Tube, because they do in their THOUSANDS - but Hangrid were easily the most visible.

With a combined subscriber count of nearly 6.5 million You Tube fans, their collabs, Insta's and Snap-stories were seen by millions of people 24/7.

Ingrid's a true indictor to never give up on your dreams.