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26-Jan-2020 14:13

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So don’t tell me that we Filipinas just stay at home, waiting for our partners to feed us!Even if someone does decide to remain at home to look after the family and home, that’s a personal choice which also involves a lot of hard work. Again, it may happen in some cases, but before marrying their Filipina wife, the foreigner must already have met the family, right? My parents are both Professional; my younger sister is also a Dentist while my younger brother is about to finish his University degree.If I was looking for a sugar daddy, I must have been blinded by that magic white skin again!When we decided to pursue our around-the-world backpacking journey together, we both worked hard to build our initial funds! No matter what success we experience, people might still think it’s because the Magic white man got us here.If you’re traveling on your own, you’ll meet a lot of travelers – mostly European, and being a backpacker you shouldn’t expect another backpacker to take you to an expensive restaurant – oh and he’s British btw.After few months of just keeping in touch on facebook while I continued my solo backpacking, Jon and I decided to be officially together, and we’re now together for almost two years!Aha, so being warm and hospitable and loving towards your partner means that you’re a slave? I wonder if these people ever stop to consider that these feelings and actions are returned by the man.

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But this only works if they earn money in one of the expensive countries. And yes, poverty does exist in western countries, it just doesn’t the same impact in a news headline as a photo of a small brown child with flies on her face!

Young western kids often have jobs when they are growing up, not because the family is poor, but to earn some of their own money and to get some real life experience and responsibility before leaving school.

They like to have someone to do things with, they like to have regular se*, they enjoy feeling se*y, they like the connection and they like the love. They like the love, but have you ever noticed men seem afraid of it too? Well, in my experience, men that I coach, ultimately tell me the same thing – deep down, they fear rejection. REJECTION When I tell women this they usually let out a comment: “; Oh please, give me a break.”; And that reaction is part of the problem. Men fear rejection in a way that most women don’t comprehend. So he pursues and it looks like he gets what he wants and then he withdraws.… continue reading »

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