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During his walk to Golgotha, Mary followed his footsteps and was at the foot of his cross.

In John’s Gospel we read about the disciples taking in Mary.

Teresa is a student at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND studying Criminal Justice. God’s grace and endless amounts of coffee fuel her days.

She is one of ten children and hopes to one day top that number when she has a family.

Benedict XVI has given his final papal blessing, the doors of Castelgandolfo have been sealed, and the Swiss Guard has hung their halberds because there is no pope for them to guard. (Mt ) Jesus’ promises are true; he is incapable of lying.

She’s written several books about Marian devotion and Catholic family life and has touched the hearts of audiences in a variety of venues.

However, how often do we think about the suffering of his mother, Mary?

A few days ago I stopped by the adoration chapel to ask Jesus what he wanted of me this Lent.

She was just as human as we are, feeling physical pain, disappointment and all kinds of heartache.

Yet, she had an intimate relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, so she must have turned everything over to them.The answer came back clearly: suffer and pray alongside the one who knew and loved Jesus the most: his Blessed Mother. Mary made the journey alongside Jesus during his earthly life.

That won't fill their void of feeling lonely,though.… continue reading »

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