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27-May-2020 15:04

But more significantly, his opponent in the next election would be flooded with political donations and an advertising campaign that would either smear him — labeling the ‘offender’ a supporter of terrorism — or dredging up something ’scandalous’ from his past.

It happened to Alabama Congressman Earl Hilliard in 2002, a five-term incumbent who refused to sign an AIPAC-written House Resolution, a “pledge of allegiance” to the state of Israel.

Over one million dollars of Davis’ campaign funding arrived just in the nick of time from New York City only thirty days before the primary.

Hilliard said that most of the money came from AIPAC.

Progress is being made as evidenced in the legislative update, which shows the growth of legislation to expand scope of practice and adopt midlevel practitioners.

The issue also includes discussion of some very innovative ways to provide oral health services to the populations that need it most—from a volunteer-based payment system to the use of dental health aide therapists on tribal lands.

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AIPAC then advises their huge Jewish constituency which candidates to support and donate money to.

In other words, when dealing with the Jews of AIPAC, one must learn to read between the lies…

are energized and excited to kick off the coming year with some invaluable education. In this issue, we remember the matriarch of dental hygiene, Dr.

Senators like Lindsey Graham and Jim Risch, both featured speakers at the AIPAC Policy Conference this year — know where the money is, who shells it out, and what it takes to get it.

the fomenters of instability, the source of all evil under the sun,” shouted out Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in his address at the AIPAC gala dinner at the Washington Convention Center.Therefore, building in them in no way precludes the possibility of a two-state solution.” Here & Here.

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