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The dancing and singing was physically demanding with two matinees a week.

If he hadn't improved his health and lost weight he wouldn't have been able to accept the role, he said. "It was really fun, and it's something I really wanted to do.

A few days later he learned his blood sugar was over 700 and he had full-blown type 2 diabetes.

"My doctor asked me if I'd like to see my kids graduate from high school.

"Just yesterday, I got a check — I forget what show it was — something in the '90s. When he started a catering business in the late 1980s, he gained a significant amount of weight.

His doctor, a personal friend, noticed the weight gain and repeatedly urged him get a physical. "Finally, she got me with the magic words: For Christmas I'm going to give you a free physical," he laughed.

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Beaumont's sister, said the actor died, apparently of a heart attack, while in Munich where he was visiting his eldest son, Eric Hunter Beaumont, who teaches psychology. Beaumont, a native of Lawrence, Kan., played Ward Cleaver in the weekly series that ran originally for seven years in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Discovered on the ''Gateway to Hollywood'' talent contest, his movie career was highlighted by a series of ''Michael Shane'' pictures in which he played the private detective. Beaumont was also successful as a writer, selling several radio and television screenplays and short stories to magazines."The people I'm really trying to reach," he said, "are the people who were like me and thought they didn't have to worry about it.I found out how wrong I was." Kitty Bennett is a news researcher and writer based in St. She said, 'You'll be dead in a few years unless you do something about it right now.' " He lost 60 pounds and now walks or runs an hour a day on a trail near his home in Southern California.

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He recently appeared in the American Academy of Neurology Foundation's patient education video and handbook, "Diabetic Nerve Pain: A Guide for Patients and Families." Leave It to Beaver has never been off the air, Mathers said, and plays in 46 languages around the world.

The shows featured most of the original cast, including Mathers, who played a divorced, out-of-work dad. » The cast now Mathers' television mom, Barbara Billingsley (June Cleaver), died last year at age 94.

The issue was discussed and the official proposal was available for review.… continue reading »

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Now you can go on Instagram and see all of that." While he recognizes just how much of an influence social media has had on the way men and women interact before meeting face to face, the Staten Island native doesn't believe the mystery aspect of dating is completely a thing of the past.… continue reading »

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If your boyfriend or girlfriend is spitting game via Facebook, you should break up with them solely because they're clearly an insignificant loser. I wish this weren't a thing: but stop caring about your bae's cyber game opponent.… continue reading »

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Most betrayed spouses want to believe that their unfaithful partner stayed because they realized that they had made a terrible mistake and remained in the marriage out of love. Over the course of the last seven years we’ve heard (and read) a variety of reasons for this from readers, mentoring clients, articles and other blogs.… continue reading »

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The highlight of the month was the pre-release party that Ridgeback Records held at Sound Ideas for the new Big Shoals album.… continue reading »

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