Singleletsmingle dating site

23-Feb-2020 22:10

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I wore a tight black shirt with a red tank under it so it wasn't too revealing, and gray skinny jeans with black heels. I basically emailed him about it because I knew I wouldn't see him again for two weeks, unless by some miracle he called me and wanted to hang out on Friday and take me to the airport on Saturday (slumberparty of my dreams! He probably just doesn't want to be my boyfriend and doesn't want to be mean and say that. That included, I found out that my health insurance was going up 300% and I can't afford it anymore.

He said basically that he wants to just be friends..blah blah he likes my kisses thinks I'm a great girl but doesn't want a girlfriend. And I do still want to be friends with him but I'd much rather him be my boyfriend. And I keep hoping that he'll see how much he likes me if he hangs out with me more being friends, but that's probably not the case.

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