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Point four cannot be minimized in this argument however.

While she wasn’t a success in the likes of Rihanna or Ciara, she was a full-fledged R&B singer of the early 2000’s and she made her mark.

It's the perfect introduction to Amerie's skittish persona: girlish but fierce, seductive but sweet.

'I am all those things,' she nods, 'and I think we've nailed them on this album.'Many of the tracks on Because I Love It betray an 80s influence; 'Crush' boasts a candles-aloft chorus that wouldn't have shamed Duran Duran in their pomp, and 'Some Like It' samples former Sex Pistols manager and early champion of hip-hop Malcolm Mc Laren.

'I remember telling all my friends about Narnia when I was seven years old,' she recalls avidly. She chats unselfconsciously, punctuating her conversation with an uninhibited laugh rather than the standard-issue diva's icy formality.

I always carry a couple in my bag.'It's hard to imagine Beyonce producing a well-thumbed copy of, say, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland from her Hermes Birkin bag, but her love of literature is not the only thing that marks out Amerie - who also has a degree in English and fine arts from Georgetown University in Washington - from her peers.

Ever have one of those moments when you go on You Tube and get sucked into a shit ton of old music that were straight vibes. That year was our introduction to Alicia Keys, Destiny’s child reminded us to be .

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It was an incredible year for music and Amerie started to murmur in the sea of music the radio fed us entered the Billboard charts at number 9 and while she was prosperous it was a big year to be a female R&B artist in general. Not too shortly after Chris made his observation our fashion director Maddy slams her drink down and passionately says, “… While there’s no previous coverage from her career detailing her ethnicity as a variable in her fleeting success as a singer as opposed to her label; it is still an important part of her as an artist. The Asian community hadn’t to that point had a major artist that garnered mainstream success.

'I wanted to put a lot of 80s stuff on the last album,' says Amerie, 'but I was worried about whether the audience would want to go there with me.

I thought it might be too left-field, too much to digest.

Meanwhile Amerie gracefully waltzed in demure compared to her counterparts. In 2005 Amerie did an interview with MTV and broke her small silence on the heels of her next release. If every female were to look at her videos and then look in their closet, I guarantee you they’d have one of the outfits.

“My last album dealt with the emotional side of relationships,” the 25-year-old said. Amerie released her second full length EP featuring Fabolous had radio play but not enough to crack the charts.While her time at Def Jam seemed like a more promising path it to didn’t do her justice.

It became a much bigger success when it was re-released following the rise of Bowie's Ziggy Stardust incarnation.… continue reading »

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